Tansfagarasan, the most beautiful road in Europe

More than 150 kilometres in length the Transfagarasan Highway is Romania’s most spectacular and best known road and, thanks to an appearance on BBC Top Gear in 2009, now one of the country’s most ...

West Midland Safari Park

The four-mile self-drive safari is split into African and Asian areas. And please be aware, so you can prepare for what to expect when you’re in the safari area, that almost all of the animals are free-roaming and can literally walk straight past your car. We had a fantastic day out at West Midlands Safari Park, always enjoy the experience.


Loads to say about this place but I will keep it short. Blackpool is a vibrant city with spectacular landmarks and attractions including Blackpool Beach, Piers, Zoo, the popular Black Pool Tower, loads of nice pubs and restaurants to have fun, hip and laid back, with lots to do and see, Blackpool offers just about everything a traveller ...

The perfect eyebrows with Andmetics

The right eyebrow shape can brighten your appearance and make you look more youthful. The trick to finding the best brow for your face is to first figure out your face shape, decide what brow color suits you best, and decide what features you want to highlight the most.

In trend

Desi este o piesa vestimentara care apartine garderobei masculine,...

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Folk festival Oltenii and the rest of the people

The sounds, colours and textures of a beautiful Romania, this festival it`s about honouring the past musical traditions and food

Bigar Waterfall

This marvellous waterfall was chosen as the most wonderful waterfall in the world, it is situated in Caras - Severin County in Romania, it is called Bigar Waterfall and it falls over an unusual and dramatic green carpet of moss that its covers a rounded stone, this was make me look at her like a giant mushroom standing in the rain. Beautiful to see also in the winter!

Gradiste Hill | Boho Dress

Gradiste Hill | Boho Dress